I am a Mathematics Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I am interested in the modular representation theory of finite groups and research under the supervision of Robert Boltje. Prior to beginning my Ph.D., I was a platform engineer at SupplyFrame, using computer vision and natural language processing to optimize their services. I completed my undergraduate degree at Harvey Mudd College in 2017 (WIBSTR), with a major in Mathematics and a concentration in Political Studies, focusing on environmental and ethnic politics.

Beyond research, I have a strong interest in mathematics education and outreach, specifically concerning equity and inclusivity within mathematics and other STEM fields. I strongly believe there are many institutional, cultural, and socioeconomic barriers that restrict participation and impede diversity in mathematics, and to combat this, I focus on implementing inclusive and equitable teaching practices in the classroom.

I can be contacted at sakmille [at] ucsc [dot] edu.