I have a serious musical addiction. Besides consuming an unhealthy amount of it, I also play guitar, tenor saxophone, EWI, and DJ.

  • You can see what I’m listing to currently or my listening history on my account. Maybe you’ll find a few new artists to love! I also like Bandcamp.
  • You can hear my DJ mixes on my Soundcloud account. I mix primarily trance (no cheese), but also some techno, progressive house, and ambient.
  • Maybe one day I’ll upload some live jazz recordings.


The wilderness holds a special place in my heart. Some of my most formative experiences as an adolescent were on long canoeing trips, and whenever I return to mother nature for a visit, I find an emotional peace and tranquility that I don’t think exists elsewhere in the modern world. It is a place that encourages one to learn about themselves and grow in unexpected ways.

It is my hope that future generations will be able to have these same experiences, and that one day, I’ll be able to pass on my love and respect for the outdoors to my students, descendants, or whoever else is open to receiving. However, this may not happen unless humans relearn to care for and respect the lands which they tresspass. I encourage everyone to learn the principles and ethics of leave no trace. If you wish to donate to a sustainability or conservancy nonprofit, here are a few I like:

In the meanwhile, enjoy some pictures from my trips!

More to be added eventually!